DSK Design Olympiad 2015

Out of 250 schools & junior colleges that participated in Round 1, 300 talented and creative students from 11th & 12th grade made it to Round 2 . The competition spanned over 3 days starting 28th Nov-30th Nov 2015 which was held at DSK International Campus, Pune. The students were accompanied by their parents & teachers and stayed at the campus hostels.

Round 2 was structured in a way that required students to come out of their comfort zones and work with peers from other schools, a scenario similar in the design industry. The projects were based on Design, Game and Animation.The students got an exposure to the real world of design from designing of structures through which they understood the aspects of geometry, symmetry, proportions & perspective. Other important aspects in design such as functionality and user experience were also emphasized.

To the surprise of the eminent jury who evaluated the projects, students performed brilliantly with creativity, structured thought process, visualization, perception, observation, sensitivity and lateral thinking.