A Competition That Celebrates Creativity

Till date we have Olympiads related to Maths, General Knowledge, English Language, Science and many more. But no effort has been taken to judge the creative instinct inside a child in a competitive environment. Hence, the Design Olympiad by DSK World Education Council which aims at analyzing the creative fluid of a child and also nurturing them as it is strongly believed that such skills are absolutely imperative for success in the 21st century. In simple words the Design Olympiad aims at establishing Higher Education to the Strength of the Child.

DSK DESIGN OLYMPIAD will be held on 15th Nov 2017
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Benefits of Participation

  • Understand Your Talent

    Get a personalized “Know Your Child” report that reveals how unique creative abilities, and how they can be nurtured to find the best careers suitable for you.


    Evaluate your skills as you compete with participants from all around India

  • Win Exciting Prizes

    Winners of DSK Design Olympiad 2016 will receive exciting prizes worth Rs. 35000

    *Conditions Apply

School Participation

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Get in touch! We would love to hold the Design Olympiad at your school to enrich the creative gifts every child is born with.

Student Participation

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Please note that only schools can participate in DSK Design Olympiad. If you wish to participate, your school has to subscribe to us.

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